“Eat less, move more.” You’ve probably heard this standard diet advice before. But if diet and exercise have not been working for you so far, it may be because your body is lacking the vital minerals and vitamins that allow you to lose fat and burn calories. One thing you can do to address this deficiency is trying lipotropic injections - injectables that contain various vitamins, nutrients, and other ingredients that aid in weight loss.

With new research and studies exploring the effects and power of nutrition in weight loss, Custom Made Weight Loss and Nursing Solutions is proud to offer beneficial lipotropic injections in a medically supervised environment. Note that these injections are only available when combined with a comprehensive weight loss plan. This is done for maximum results and for your health and safety.

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FAQs on B12 & Lipotropic Injections


What Exactly Are Lipotropic injections?

Lipotropic injections are supplements used for fat loss. They encourage the breakdown of fat by working in tandem with the body’s natural metabolism. They’re made up of a preparation of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, which are injected into the body to help patients maximize their weight loss. Once injected, they provide an initial boost in the body and stimulate certain hormones to function correctly. This then helps the body let go of the fat that it has been storing.

When used properly, these injections can complement other aspects of a weight loss regimen (i.e. exercise and a low-calorie diet). The injections also often contain vitamin B12, which is considered safe in large quantities.

Note that these injections should never be taken alone! They must be combined with a weight loss plan. Their use must also be supervised by medical staff, as any medication can cause side effects and must be monitored accordingly.


How Do Lipotropic Injections Work?

Lipotropic compounds are a combination of ingredients that help improve the natural breakdown of fat in the liver. Shots and injections, when given by a professional and used in tandem with other healthy living efforts, can improve weight loss by naturally speeding up the elimination of fat via a healthy metabolism. Lipotropic injections can also help to bring balance to your body’s hormone levels, resulting in a healthier you!


Why Is B12 So Important?

Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that:

  • helps keep the body's nerve and blood cells healthy
  • plays an essential role in a healthy, functioning metabolism
  • can prevent megaloblastic anemia - a condition which makes us feel tired and weak

Because it’s involved in metabolism and energy levels, it’s a vital part of lipotropic injections.


Are The Injections Permanent?

The enhanced metabolism that lipotropic injections provide is temporary. When the effect of the injection decreases, your body will return to its regular metabolism. Therefore, we will often provide our patients with a schedule for receiving additional injections as necessary to reach their goal weight.


What If I Have Additional Questions Or Concerns?

Custom Made Weight Loss and Nursing Solutions now offers B12 & Lipotropic Injections to support you in your weight loss journey. Please contact us at your earliest convenience to learn more and to discuss whether they are a good fit for you! Our dedicated expert team will be happy to answer your questions.